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Grundy High School Class of 1962


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Last update:  August 2, 2012   

2012 BIOS

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BIOS 2012



The last ten years brought retirement which was a major life adjustment. Struggled to find any sign of identity the first year. We then bought a condo in Naples FL on a golf course. Country Club life has been good - a great escape from Chicago winters! We still have the big house in Elmhurst and I sometimes find it a bit challenging to run two households. Our seven grandchildren are the highlight of our lives, ages three to eleven. Life is good.



Since our last reunion in 2002 I have moved. My son and his family live in Palm Bay, Fl.and is in the real estate business. He called me one day in 2004 and said dad you need to invest into real estate! Specifically building and selling new houses. Well, after listening to how much money he had been making and he would set up all the deals, I jumped.

First deal we made was we had a new house built asking price was $300,000. It cost $250,000 to build it. It took the builder about a year to build it. The reason it took so long they were backed up with a lot of orders. By that time the real estate market hit rock bottom. That house would not sell. We ended up renting it for the next 4 years. That was another fiasco.

After that experience I decided I did not want to be a real estate tycoon. So, after 36 years living in Tampa and rather than take a big loss, We sold our home in Tampa, and moved into our house in Palm Bay, Fl. I sometimes wonder if my son did this to get us to move near him and his family.

We do like this area. Not as many people, less traffic, and closer to the beach. I am not sure I will be able to make the reunion I am dealing with some medical issues (nothing to serious)



Buddie Armes enjoys life. He says he has been out of work for as long as he worked for GE. Now does what he wants to do. He has lots of hobbies and he stays busy and doesn't feel old.





Joan has been teaching full time with Knox county schools and teaching part time with the UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE. I am single (divorced). Love spending time with my three granddaughters and son and daughter. I continue to volunteer with my church (FIRST PRESBYTERIAN of KNOXVILLE) where I am a member of the choir and play piano for Sunday School. I am also a member of Presbyterian Women's group that does a lot of work not only in the church, but also for the community. I enjoy visiting with my brother and his family during the summer. I find that I don't have a lot of spare time, which is Ok.



Nancy and John retired and left Florida and moved to Waynesville, North Carolina. Nancy’s husband died one year after the move. Nancy stayed in North Carolina and was the organizer of Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation. She was in charge of CATS and helped with adoption for the cats. Nancy has kept busy the last few years with her community and church. Nancy sang in her church choir. Nancy is busy now with her SEVEN cats !



Linda Boyd married Kell VanDyke 51 years ago. They have raised grandchildren and dealt with health challenges. Linda proudly has worked with an organization "In Praise of Mountain Women" and Linda writes poetry.



Judy Branham is in very poor health and will not be attending the 50th reunion.



Paul Brinegar is retired, playing golf and traveling ! Judy tags along with her knitting !


Phyllis J.

Phyllis Childress is working two days a week at the Va Lottery. Last year Everett (my husband) and I went to Hawaii for the first time. Two years earlier we went on a land and cruise to Alaska both were very nice. Had some tragedies,my step daughter passed away on march 29 2012 with lung cancer only 44 years of age two small children so sad. Then my sister Margaret passed away on September 19 2011. Have not been to Grundy since Oct 2011. I have a brother and sister that still live there.
I am in a Scarlet Ladies group (former Red Hat) that we have a lot of fun.


Mary Lynn

Mary Lynn spent over 30 years in the credit union industry. She retired from BCFCU at the end of 2009. However, she can't say no when a credit union calls for help. She has yet to spend any more than 3 months "in retirement". She's gonna try it for the 4th time at the end of August. She and Butch have done some traveling during the last 10 years. Their most favorite place is Ireland (been there twice), but there some gorgeous places right here in the United States. They have 2 sons - one lives in Pittsburgh with his family and the other lives in the Harrisburg area - mom loves having him so close :-). Mary Lynn can speak "hockey language", thanks to having 2 grandsons who play in Pittsburgh.(She missed a great opportunity to have her picture taken with Mario Lemieux last winter!) We are looking forward to reconnecting with our high school classmates next month.



For the past ten years Vicki Clevinger has been working in infant care and retired 3 years ago and now babysitting for her brand new granddaughter. She was born on Epiphany and had her baby dedication on Easter Sunday. Her name is Lily Ann and Vicki sings "Lily of the Valley" to her (Vicki says that she's the only one who will allow her to sing to them) Vicki plans to give her piano someday to this granddaughter and hopes she learns to play. Vicki has a total of 9 grandchildren 6 boys, 3 girls from 0 through 19 years old.
Vicki lives in Sunrise, Fl and enjoys playing bunco, mahjong and belongs to a monthly book club. Vicki also enjoys doing floral crafts and making crosses from old vintage jewelry. And, one thing more, Vicki is finally tired of the hot weather in Southern Florida. (lol)



Bobby is not raising horses anymore! Stopped about 3-4 years ago. All is well with The Colley's in Ohio.



Linda Comer will be at the 50th Class Reunion and will be celebrating a 50th Wedding Anniversary. Linda has had some major health issues and recently completed radiation.





Clayton Crouse moved to Virginia ! He still works as a consultant for the government. Likes to fish and travel.



Betty Dales is retired. She worked at White's Fresh Foods in Kingsport. Betty lives with her sister at their home on Deskins Road in Buchanan County. Betty has one daughter who lives in West Virginia. Health-wise Betty is “doing good” (so far).


Nila Faye

Nila was married to classmate Fred Anderson who was killed in a car wreck in 1998. Nila married Ralph Coleman from Class of 1964. They live at Lover's Gap, Virginia and keep busy with family.


Billy Ray

Billy Ray went to the service after High School and settled in Florida long enough to find Margaret for his wife. They eventually made their way back to Johnson Citty & Bristol. Billy Ray attended University of South Florida and ETSU and went to work for the Post Office. They have spent their time raising 4 children and getting them through school with mighty fine educations. Billy and Margaret are retired and they help with the grandchildren and like to rock on the porch !



Jerry married Dixie and they are raising a granddaughter. Jerry is on dialysis 3 times a week.



Since the 2002 GHS Reunion, life is about the same for my husband Wayne and me up on top of the mountain in Dickenson County; we just try to enjoy each day. Gardening, canning, and writing articles about my childhood and family are a big part of my life. Wayne and I, but mostly Wayne, take photographs of some of the lovely mountain scenery around our home which are often published in the Dickenson Star. We both strive to highlight by words and pictures what a gorgeous place that this part of SW VA is. We, as GHS graduates, have beautiful memories of living in these unique mountains and hollers.



Darrel Deel reports that he may have a few health issues but doing good. I enjoy being retired. Love working in my woodworking shop, enjoy gardening, and most outdoor activities. Been married 49 years and try to do all my "Honey-do" chores.. ( yes, the wife wrote this for me.) Life is good!



Alma retired February 28, 2011. She went on a Carnival Cruise to the Bahama Islands, Puerto Rico, etc. Her husband passed away in 2005. In 2007 her house burned.


Verdie Sue

Vertie Sue is a REGISTERED NURSE and got this degree 30 years after high school She has worked in Kingsport and Buchanan General and STILL WORKING as a Home Health Nurse. Go Girl !



Thomas is now retired. He keeps busy with building things around the huse and trying to stay out of trouble. Thomas is presently in the middle of restoring a 1967 Elcamino. You Go Thomas !! Tommy is retired but then got a job - selling produce !



Nancy is now retired ! No email.


Benny "Bengi"

Benji still lives 500 miles from Grundy but he will make every effort to be at the 50th reunion. Benji works 3 days a week at his “salesman job”. He likes to fish and is still an amateur ham radio operator. Benji sings in the church choir.



L. C. reports that he and Jean "are just trying to survive". L. C. likes to hunt and fish. He likes bows and arrows and once "whittled" himself a bow. How talented !!



Russell Fletcher will be married 50 years in 2012 ! He is still selling developed properties.



Betty lives in Chesapeake, VA and helps caregive her mother-in-law. It was not possible for her to come to the reunion. She sends a BIG HELLO to classmates and remembers the 40th reunion. Betty has been married 50 years to Harry Brown from Hurley.



Mildred Fuller married Frank Hackney 48 years ago and they have raised two grandchildren. Mildred has had major health problems the last 3 years. Cancer and open heart surgery.



Shirley Garrett says not much change just older. Married Paul Horn in 1964 move to Richlands in 1976. Had 3 sons. Two living one deceased. Two wonderful daughter-in-laws. And most of all my two special Blessings. Grandson & Granddaughter.I can't believe it's been almost 50yrs.



Eleanor Herring joined our class in the third grade, very scary time. I had a very bad speech defect and Miss Rudder was in the office when Mom brought me in to register. Miss Rudder took my hand and said "this child is mine? By the end of third grade I no longer had a speech defect. I remember Butch Tylenda singing "isle of Capri" to me on stage. PJ parties, playing with so many of you in our little neighbor hood. I left Grundy after 7th Grade. I lived with my grandparents for a year in Pa. finally arrived in Cleveland, Ohio and graduated in 1962. I went to work for the phone company. Got married in 63 and had my son in 65, divorced in72. I worked as office manager for several companies, but found I liked working with elderly and handicapped. In the mist of all that I met and remarried, had a wonderful marriage till he passed away in 03. We decided to move to Va in 74 (Bumpass no less). Ralph and I met and married three years later, God brought me my second lov e of my life. We are happily retired and enjoy traveling.



After 2 years of college at Mary Washington, I married Terry Wilson who was a marine officer at the time. We spent his duty tour in Hawaii and California (with a stint in Okinawa for him). After the Marine Corps, he went to law school at Tennessee; I finished college in 1967 at Pikeville. We moved to Grundy for 5 years after law school. We then moved to Knoxville, Iowa, with our two sons, Eric and Brandon. I taught school for 27 years here in Iowa (34 years total with Tennessee and Virginia). I retired in 2005, and Terry just retired as a judge in October, 2011. He still works 65 days a year filling in for other judges. We have three grandchildren (ages 23, 19 and 5). We love to travel and have visited many wonderful places including Antarctica in 2010. We took our granddaughter on a European tour when she graduated from high school, and we took our grandson to Africa when he graduated. We plan to see China next year. We enjoy good health and stay very busy. This next year will be a busy time for me; I serve as a public library trustee, and we are planning a major expansion. I do come to Virginia at least twice a year to visit my family. Hopefully, I will see some of you on one of those visits.



Alice Huchinson say lots of change in the past ten years. I have three huggable grandsons. Logan (8), Jacob (6), and Lucian (3). Grandma is their theater movie buddy and shopping partner. Sons Kevin (Barbara) and Jeff are doing okay. Hubby Bill and I have been married for 48 years. In the past few years I received two knee replacements, but doing really good. My mother, Omie Hutchinson (89), passed away in 2008.

In 2006 I received the US Government Department of Justice Award and the FBI Award for my continous dedication in working with disability employees. DOJ Attorney General Gonzales and FBI Director Mueller presented the Awards. More than 10 years ago Congress passed a law allowing the FBI to hire contract employees with disabilities. Some employed for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed working with these dedicated employees.

I retired from the FBI in 2010 after more than 40 years of service. I worked in many areas of responsibility and received many awards throughout the years. I served in a management position the last 18 years. I will always be thankful I was recruited in my senior year to work at the FBI. Rewarding job and great people. Hardworking organization.

Since retirement, Bill and I enjoy spending time with the family, playing the slot machines in Dover, Delaware, and spending time in our escape little house in Chincoteague, Virginia, with occasional travel.



Since our 40 year class reunion the following changes have taken place in our lives. My lovely wife, Meri Lyn and I moved from Tennessee to Florida and built our home in 2004. We have been care giver for my Mom - deceased 2009 and my uncle - deceased 2011. This was a busy and difficult time in our lives, however we prevailed and have moved on. In 2010, we bought an RV and traveled out West for four months. Lot's of adventures there! On May 2, 2011, I had major surgery on my back and it took me over a year to completely recover. I am now looking forward to coming to Grundy, Va for our Class Reunion and immediately after the reunion we plan to travel to Niagara Falls, Canada and expect to be traveling for two months. Thanks so much and I'll see everyone at The Breaks!


Jim Mac

Jim Mac's Sister Sandy Lambert Cook, 205 Donegal Way, Bristol, TN 37620 is his caregiver. Jim Mac is a diabetic and had a fall a year ago and now lives in a Health Care Facility. He would welcome visitors and cards and "might" come to the 50th reunion.



Paris Lester retired from the community college in June 2010 and took as full time job at Bluefield State College. Paris loves his work and has international students from 14 different countries. Paris says he learns much from them. Paris lost his wife in 2008 and remarried in 2010. He still has his tax business from home but has slowed down and does less returns each year.



Judy Lester is still in Abingdon and battles Rheumatoid Arthritis. She lives near her sisters Charlotte & Margaret. Same ole - same ole - says Judy !



Donald Looney married Kathy Ratliff in 2005. Wife Carolyn Greenleaf passed away. Donald and Kathy live in Johnson City and take care of Kathy's Mother - Mae Ratliff. Donald does not garden anymore. He watches TV and helps caregive. Life is pretty good.



Wanda retired in 2005 and says she "doesn't do much of nothing."



Tommy is one of few of Virginia's "real cowboys". He lives and works with horses and rodeos and offers his experience and expertise to young children for love of horses. Tommy has traveled and competed in "roping" and he still buys and tranins horses. Tom Lovell is one of our more interesting classmates with his "chosen passion" in life - horses.


J. C.

J. C. Malone is still President of our GHS Class ! He lives in Lousiana and does not get back to Grundy very often. J. C. had a foot amputated recently and is working toward a prosthesis. He is not traveling now but with some encouragement from Class of 1962 , J. C. might make the road trip. Folks - call our Class President !



Ernie is enjoying life. Both his sons live nearby with the grandchildren. Ernie works as a courier for a local bank. Ernie and Shirley have traveled a good bit in the past 10 years – going to England twice and long road trips west USA.



Dixie married Jerry Deel and they are raising a granddaughter. Jerry is on dialysis 3 times a week.



Claudette Moore says there isn't much new in their lives except they have a new granddaughter born on her birthday in December. She is very special since all the other grandchildren are in ages ranging from 11 to 17. She stays busy with church activities and has gotten involved with the local Republican Party activities. They help out with the grandchildren, travel and try to keep up with yard and gardening activities. Caludette asks, "whoever said retirement is boring?"



Betty still lives in Georgetown, KY and works everyday all day as an office manager. AND she still works with Real Estate part-time ! Betty is still a busy lady. All four of Betty’s daughters live in Georgetown. Betty has 10 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren.



The past 10 years have been "Oh So Busy"! We have caregiven our parents (they have all gone on to their heavenly Father), our children have moved across the country and we have traveled much. Our children, Julie, Johnathan and Jayma are living in Tennessee, Kansas and California. We have four grandchildren, Ethan, April, Nikki, and Emily Rose. We now reside in Bristol, Va.



Loretta spends her time gardening, going to church and reading. Loretta has started attending the Historical Society in Grundy. She is interested in finding out more about her family history. Good for you, Loretta !



Leon says that things change so gradually over the years, but there have not been any great changes in his life over the past 10 years. Leon is still working as a Safety Consultant in the Washington, DC metro area - spending about half his time visiting various construction projects. Leon & Dolly will have been married 45 years the 27th of May. They have two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Leon is an Elder and Board Chairman at his church and spend his quiet time tending to a vegetable garden and feeding the wildlife in his back yard (birds, squirrels, ducks, fox, deer, etc.).


Jerry L.

Jerry is still in Mississippi. Says he doesn't remember anyone from high school. Let's get Jerry to the reunion and show him a good time !


James "Bones"

Bones says ….Okay, y'all. For those of you who don't already know, Ol' Bones & Rachel are retired effective June 30, 2007 and moved to Richmond, Ky. (about half way between Berea and Richmond). We can be found at: Battlefield Estates, 150 General Nelson Drive, Richmond, KY 40475, phone (859) 626-4015 ). (June 2008)



Sue and husband Chuck are both retired and love to travel. They have six grown c hildren ages 34 to 50 and they are scattered from Atlanta to Richmond, so they visit up and down the east coast. Sue and Chuck are thinking about selling their home and moving to Clarksville on Buggs Island Lake where their son lives. Sue loves to cook and work in the yard



Gilbert is healthy and happy and enjoying his hobbies and lovin’ life. A heart attack a few years ago was his only “wrinkle” in the aging process. Gilbert is a member of two Hunt Clubs and an Archery Club. He likes to fish and hunt. Gilbert says he cans green beans and tomatoes and deer meat …. But that his friend has the garden ! Gilbert’s children live near=by and he stays busy. Gilbert is an Eastern Virginian !



Stella is going through chemo treatment and may not be at the reunion.



Rob and Barbara Smith (GHS’63) Ratliff, married 49 years and still going strong at work and home. They enjoy time at the lake home on Smith Mtn. Lake with their four children and six grandchildren. They like to fish, garden and care for their animals on their farm in Hansonville, VA. They are looking forward to many more years to come.


Karl "Buddy"

Life is good. Julie and I now are the full custody guardian of our grandchild Olivia (6 years old in Feb 2012) and a new life enhancing force to us. She is our tech master. I am now Assistant District Administrator for the 12 county Bristol District (Virginia Dept of Transportation) and expect to stay employed until about 2016. More if I am still having fun and still making a difference. Stay in touch and Love To All. - 276-591-6173 (March 2012)



Walter still lives in North Carolina. No major changes in 10 years. Same ole - Same ole 1 Walter did go back to work 3 days a week. He works with Heating & Air !



Jerome did ride his bicycle from New Jersey to Florida. Jerome still lives in Florida but is now married to Toni and lives in St. James City. Jerome works with Century 21.



Peggy Salyers is great to talk with. She has moved and worked in different places. She has been a nurse's aid done factory work and also was an owner of a motel, along with her husband. They worked from daylight to dark with that job.



Brenda Sizemore Russi

I moved to Florida immediately after 9th grade. I graduated from Seminole High School,Sanford Fl. and
Jones College of Business, Orlando, Fl. Tried to be a beach bum, but Mom and Dad said "get a job"!!
I worked briefly in medical records at the local hospital, I know the administrator thought I worked in the
gift shop, as I was there everytime I saw him. After several months there I was employed by a group of
cardiologists, I was with this group for 46 years and finally retired Dec. 31, 2009!

Now it's time to be a beach bum!! I met my husband, Ron, through my brother, Kenneth Sizemore, they played in the same
softball league. Ron and I will celebrate our 48th anniversary May 14, 2013. We have a daughter, Beth
an RN at Florida Hospital, she has two daughters, Gabriella 17 and Francesca 14. Our son, Andy a para-
medic with Seminole County, he has a daughter, Erica 20 and a son, Andrew 17. Love those grandchildren!

Ron is a avid golfer, has 97 Trophies so far, just the latest ones are in the house!! We do long week-end
golfing trips frequently, men golf and women shop. I enjoy two cups of coffee in the morning with my cat
on my lap, I enjoy the beach, reading, country music, concerts, water arobics and trips to the mountains and
last but not lease, I love alzheimer patients (mom suffered with alzheimers for 12 yrs) they are so special
and loving and so misunderstood.

I am so HAPPY to be attending the 50th Class of '62 GHS reunion!!!!



Larry Stiltner and Kelsey enjoy life. Larry has been a deacon at Harmon Memorial Baptist Church for 20 years. His family tries to spend time at the beach every summer. Larry retired 10 years ago from Apalachial Power where he was an area supervisor. Larry has had two heart attacks.





JoAnn & Jesse were living in Abingdon - enjoying life. On a Wednesday in March 2011 they had been to church, came home and watched some TV and went to bed. Jesse died of a massive heart attack aabout 8 hours later. Very sudden and very sad.



Judy Stiltner has no changes with her BIO. Judy and Sam have been married 49 years and still live in Florida. She is retired Judy has. She has 2 children, 3 grandchildren and one great grandson. Judy and Sam are planning to attend the reunion.



Roy, in the last 10 years, has made a move from Northern Virginia to his Ranch in Central Virginia.  He has worked with land development and building and enjoys the “wide open spaces” in home state of Virginia.



Shela Stiltner, after graduation, packed my brand new luggage and rode a Greyhound bus to Lancaster, Pa., where my three other sisters and their families lived. My education served me well, and I met lots of diverse and interesting people, including my husband, Herb, who was a widower with two children. We were married in 1967, and had a son in 1971. We now have 5 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. We moved to the mountains of Greenbrier County, West Virginia in 1984, becoming "mountaineers" in this beautiful country. We built our own cabin in the woods (we actually made the lumber used for building our house), and enjoy all kinds of wildlife visiting us (including an "up close and personal" visit from a black bear).

I retired from an agency of the USDA at the end of 2005 and enjoy having the freedom of doing what I want to do when I want to do it. My free time is spent holding Herb's hand (he is suffering from dementia) and trying to keep five acres of grass mowed. As it said in the yearbook, "she loves to live, laugh, and argue," and I still do. Not so much the arguing, but I'm still good on the living and laughing. Keep smiling, classmates!



Carol Stiltner "finally retired" this month (Aug. 2012) and for now she plans to "do hothing" ! Been a good life !


J. D.

James and Pat are traveling and living out of suitcases for a while. J.D. continues to golf as much as possible and plan on never retiring and always working in the investment arena. They hope to make it to the bi-centenial reunion.



Butch retired in 2006. He spends his time working around his and several friends' houses and just enjoying being in his "man cave" (otherwise known as the basement). He and Mary Lynn still live in central PA. They have become loyal Pittsburgh Penguins hockey fans - thanks to both grandsons playing hockey. He still enjoys the outdoors, and dreams of moving to a salt-water location someday.



Kell VanDyke married Linda Boyd 51 years ago. They now live in Abington. They have raised grandchildren and Kell has faced some major health problems.


Patricia "Pat"

Pat Vanover reports that since our 40 year class reunion, my life has changed a little, I quit work to be care giver for my parents. Both now deceased, but I am very happy that I had the special tme with them. I have gained a daughter-in-law and 4 more grand children. Darrel and I celebrated our 49th anniversary this year. We PLAN to hit Old age wide open, we are both in good health, enjoy our life and have been blessed beyond words. When I die and leave this world, I hope people will remember me , not from the date of birth to the date of death but for my life between the dash!



Beverly and I have been residents of Wise since 1975. We moved
to Bristol in 1996 and stayed 4 years. Returned to Wise, and after
divesting of my interest in the coal company for which I had worked
for 25 years, opened a small tax and financial services practice on
Main St. adjacent to the County Court House. As long as I’m blessed
with good health, I do not plan to retire.

The 4 year stay in Bristol convinced us that our roots in Wise were
too deep and that we will live out our lives here. We are deeply
involved in the Wise Baptist Church, Beverly active in the down-
town restoration project, I’m actively involved in the College, where
I serve on the College Board and Treasurer of the College
Foundation Board. By the way, Dawneda Fowler Williams, wife
of Hoyt Williams, Bob’s brother, serves with me on the Board.
They have lived in Wise, I believe, since college graduation.

We have 2 daughters, 2 good and decent sons-n-law, 3 wonderful
grandchildren, the oldest grandaughter, enrolled in UT Law School.
We’ve been blessed more than we deserve, so life has been quite good.



Clifford West has been a faithful classmate since he "found us" eight years ago. He missed the 40th Reunion but has attended everything else since. AND he lives far away ! Clifford is retired. Does stock trading every day. He says he works in the yard/garden (difficult to believe) and enjoys it ! Clifford West retired in a small quite town 80 miles Northwest of Las Vegas. He is near his two sons which allows the family to get together several times a year.
Clifford says he likes to Fly Fish – mostly in Colorado, around Durango. Locally at Lake Mead he fishes for strippers.
I participate in poker tournaments in las vegas every month or so .

Clifford is involved in the stock market, or the option market. He finds this very interesting and keeps him up to date on world events. Clifford travels and visits friends that he has made over the years. Clifford attends the High School Class Reunions which he enjoys very much. It’s interesting to meet classmates and see them as they are today and remember in his minds eye as they were 55 to 60 years ago. WHOO that is a big number !


Jesse Ray

Jesse & JoAnn were living in Abingdon - enjoying life. On a Wednesday in March 2011 they had been to church, came home and watched some TV and went to bed. Jesse died of a massive heart attack aabout 8 hours later. Very sudden and very sad.



Tom has retired twice in the last 10years. He is currently working to keep busy. Tommy remarried in 2003 to a wonderful lady and they live in Bristol. Tom has three grandchildren, two girls, 10 and 7, one boy 9. Tommy was helping us make calls to classmates for the 2012 Reunion. Tommy suddenly and unexpectedly died on May 3, 2012.

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